Judge dismisses Republican loser’s lawsuit claiming US-born Latina legislator isn’t US citizen


Arizona State Representative-elect Raquel Terán

A Maricopa County, Arizona judge has thrown out a frivolous lawsuit that birther and “perennial Republican candidate” Alice Novoa filed claiming that U.S.-born Latina legislator-elect Raquel Terán wasn’t born in the U.S., but the racist’s harassment campaign isn’t over just yet.

Terán was putting the final touches on a thank you email following her victory to the Arizona House of Representatives last week when she got a knock on her door. She had been sued, for the second time since 2012, by Novoa. “A lawsuit has been filed challenging my citizenship,” Terán wrote in a public Facebook post. “I now must appear in court next week.”

Novoa had no evidence about her claim, because she’s a racist and full of shit. But asked by an “often irritated” Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Connie Contes if she had “any proof” to back up her fuckery, Novoa reportedly replied, “I wish I did.” Novoa also railed about Terán being an “anchor baby” of Mexican “illegal alien” parents, the AZ Mirror reported.

So just like in 2012, Terán was again forced to undergo the humiliation of presenting her birth certificate in court—and this is humiliation, because, let’s be frank, how often does this happen to white candidates?—and the “judge dismissed the lawsuit and said she will consider requiring Novoa to pay Terán’s attorney fees and costs.”

So that should be that, right? Nope, because as she was leaving court, Novoa reportedly turned to another Latina legislator, state Rep. Isela Blanc, and threatened that “I’m coming after you very soon, very soon.” Blanc, the AZ Mirror reported, is a formerly undocumented immigrant. Like Terán, she’s trying to not let this racist crap slow her down. “I’ve been working hard for all Arizonans, which I know is something Representative-elect Terán is committed to, and that’s what matters.”

But what also matters is that they’re able to do their jobs without harassment, because that’s exactly what’s happening to them.

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