Cartoon: The victory presser

President Trump turned a resounding Republican loss in the U.S. House of Representatives into a triumphant victory. None of Tuesday night’s GOP losses were Trump’s fault of course. He chalked up any losses to candidates who didn’t embrace him enough. Never mind that suburban voters fled the Republican brand in droves thanks to the president’s brand of chaos.

As of now, the midterm election seems to be a mixed bag, with Republicans picking up seats in the Senate and Democrats recapturing the House. It still boggles my mind that the GOP hasn’t been run out on a rail for ripping children from parents. You’d think a political party that is so closely associated with torture and cruelty to defenseless children would do even worse.

Once Trump finished basking in his non-victory victory at today’s press conference, he nearly came to blows with a handful of reporters. Oh, and when he was done with that it was time to fire Jeff Sessions and likely enact the post-election plan of obstructing justice. It was a very big day. Enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to stop by my Patreon page for behind-the-scenes goodies and to help support my work.



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